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Aiming at building an international platform that promotes connectivity and sharing within the global tourism community, World Tourism Alliance is going to hold the Annual Meeting, Council Meeting and its signature event named "WTA • Xianghu Dialogue" from September 7 to 11, 2018.

Following the WTA vision of "Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World" and the WTA mission to promote peace, development and poverty alleviation through tourism, the "Xianghu Dialogue 2018" has identified its theme as "Poverty Alleviation and Development -- Shared Responsibilities of World Tourism Community", which echoes the current trend of sustainable development, emphasizing the social responsibilities of the world tourism industry. The event will invite the heads of authoritative organizations and renowned experts to share insights on cutting-edge issues in world economy, poverty alleviation and development, and release the Report on World Tourism Development 2018 - Global Process and Time Appeal of Poverty Reduction Through Tourism and "WTA Best Practice in Poverty Alleviation through Tourism". In addition to WTA members, the Dialogue will bring together many leading figures from governments, tourism enterprises, associations and media both at home and abroad.

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WTA Best Practice in Poverty Alleviation Through Tourism 2018


To perform its mission and social responsibility, on September 9 in 2018 WTA will host “WTA Xianghu Dialogue” in Hangzhou with the theme “Poverty Alleviation and Development--Shared Responsibilities of World Tourism Community”, to exchange experience in poverty reduction through tourism, communicate the responsibility and role of tourism in poverty reduction.

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