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WTA·Xianghu Dialogue 2019 to be Held in Hangzhou


The WTA·Xianghu Dialogue 2019, sponsored by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the World Bank, the European Travel Commission (ETC), the Global Tourism Economy Forum (GTEF) the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and the World Tourism Alliance (WTA), will be held in Hangzhou, China, from 18 to 21 September together with the Third Meeting of the First WTA Council and the WTA Annual Meeting 2019. The relevant events are expected to bring about several hundred guests from domestic and abroad, including leaders of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, representatives of WTA members and foreign diplomatic envoys in China as well as representatives of overseas tourism agencies, international organizations, tourism administrative departments, tourism associations, tourist cities, enterprises, universities and research institutes.

The theme of this year’s Xianghu Dialogue is “Growth in Travels and Changes in the Industry”. The forum will provide a comprehensive platform to set the direction for tourism development consistent with the trend and features of world economic and tourism development, present the position of the WTA as an influential international tourism organization in the current international environment, and keep abreast with the development trend of the tourism industry to demonstrate the professionalism and relevance of the WTA.

During the dialogue, a series of side events will be held, including meetings with WTA members. The WTA will also release the World Tourism Development Report 2019 and the Data Analysis Report on China’s Inbound Tourism,and publish the WTA Best Practice in Poverty Alleviation Through Tourism 2019 together with the World Bank and the International Poverty Reduction Center in China. As part of this year’s dialogue, a micro-film on WTA’s best practices of poverty alleviation through tourism jointly produced by the WTA and China Global Television Network(CGTN) will be screened for the first time, and parallel forums will be held on the themes of “destination marketing and big data” and “technological progress and business innovation”.

The WTA·Xianghu Dialogue is a high-level international tourism forum initiated by the WTA, which is known for its comprehensive functions, international representation and platform orientation. It aims to establish an international platform to build an interconnected global tourism industry with inclusive development and co-governance, and create a better life and a better world through tourism. According to the latest registration information,confirmed speakers of this year’s dialogue include Mr. Duan Qiang, Chairman of the WTA, Mr. Henry Giscard Destein, Vice Chairman of the WTA and President of the French Mediterranean Club, Mr. Jayson Westbury, Vice Chairman of the WTA and CEO of Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA), and representatives of WTA partners, including Mr. Zhu Shanzhong, Executive Director of the UNWTO, Ms. Pansy Ho, Secretary-General and Vice Chairman of the GTEF, Mr. Eduardo Santander, Executive Director of the ETC, and Dr. Ahmed Eiweida, Chief Urban Management Specialist of the World Bank, as well as Mr. Shan Jixiang, President of the Palace Museum Research Institute, and other well-known Chinese and international figures from the cultural and tourism communities.

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