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Today, as the global travel and tourism gradually recovers and returns to a post-pandemic new normal, many have adopted a myriad of innovative ways to communicate, market and operate their business. Opportunities to thrive in the altered landscape of the tourism sector do exist. Uncovering,
finding and exploring these opportunities for growth requires a thoughtful and rigorous effort. With this in mind, WTA is bringing back its signature Xianghu Dialogue in Hangzhou, China on February 24 through 25, 2023. Through this, we hope to forge a path to a future that fulfills the potential and promise of travel and tourism as a major force of change and progress. This year’s theme— Harmonious Symbiosis: A New Paradigm for a New Tourism— acknowledges our collective goal of a tourism reset for the revival of our industry.


Public Release

WTA Best Parctices of Rural Revitalization Through Tourism
The 2022 WTA Best Practices of Rural Revitalization Through Tourism was published by the World Tourism Alliance in collaboration with the International Poverty Reduction Center in China, and its compilation received much support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Rural Revitalization Administration, WTA member units, and provincial cultural and tourism departments across the country. It includes 50 best practices which were selected based on the criteria of sustainability, reproducibility, quantifiable effects, originality, materials integrity and positive social impact. These best practices made active attempts in such areas as targeted assistance for poverty reduction, regional cooperation, governance mechanism reform, culture-tourism integration, talent attraction, green development and digitalization, to eradicate poverty and propel development in all respects. It is hoped that this collection of best practices can inspire new thinking and practices in more rural areas and leverage the driving role of tourism in rural development.
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World Tourism Innovation and Development Report (2021-2022)
The World Tourism Innovation and Development Report (2021-2022) is an annual research report jointly compiled by the World Tourism Alliance (WTA) and the Tourism Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. As the fi rst research report focusing on the theories and practices of global tourism innovation, the Report provides decision-making reference and intellectual support to governments and the tourism industry by building an analytical framework for world tourism innovation, presenting the latest features of world tourism innovation, analyzing the key elements of innovation in the tourism industry, and predicting the future trends of global tourism innovation.
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Report on Development of Tourism Cooperation along Belt and Road
The present report is advocated by the World Tourism Alliance, compiled and written by China Academy of Culture and Tourism of Beijing International Studies University, aiming at making a summary of the development process and future development tendency of tourism cooperation along Belt and Road in recent years. It is expected that the present report should be capable of providing references for the tourism cooperation among countries along the route of Belt and Road. Due to the limited existing documents, the present report is definitely far from perfection. We sincerely look forward to hearing criticism and comments from you all.
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China Inbound Tourism Development Report
Focusing on the key factors shaping the inbound tourism industry, including travel agencies, hotels, OTAs, aviation, telecom operators and consumers, and with reference to the analysis made by overseas Chinese tourism offices on the current situation of major tourist sources and the successful experiences of major inbound tourism destinations in China, the report provides insights on the direction of China’s inbound tourism development in the new era, in the hope of inspiring the future development of inbound tourism in China.
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2022 WTA Xianghu Dialogue Manual
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Hu Heping, Minister of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China

Yi Lianhong, Party Secretary of Zhejiang Province and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress

Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization