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WTA • Xianghu Dialogue 2019

The theme of the WTA • Xianghu Dialogue 2019 is “Today’s Travel and Tourism Industry: Responding and Adapting to Rapid Growth and Transition”. The dialogue released a host of outcomes, including World Tourism Development Report 2019 – Industrial Implantation and Cultural Building in Poverty Alleviation through Tourism, the WTA Best Practice in Poverty Alleviation through Tourism 2019, Microfilm on the WTA Best Practice in Poverty Alleviation Through Tourism – Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World and the WTA Data Analysis Report of China’s Inbound Tourism 2019. Parallel forums on “Destination Marketing and Big Data” and on “Technological Advancement and Industries Innovation” were held; and three media salons were organized on selected topics, including “the path of innovation and development toward intelligent cultural tourism”, “environmental protection in the context of tourism development” and “inaugural year of 5G commercial application, tourism scene revolution in the new era”.

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