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ASTINDO is the Indonesian Travel Agents Association, established on November 10, 1999, by twenty five Travel Agent leaders which also supported by the Minister of Culture and Tourism.

The establishment of ASTINDO was encouraged by the problems of ticketing business with Airlines, due to Indonesia currency devaluation in 1998, where Travel Agent needs to be accommodated under the Directorate General of Air Transportation.

Therefore the establishment of ASTINDO was declared in 1999 and inaugurated through the Minister of Transportation of The Republic Indonesia’s Decree (SK) No. KP 263 of 2000.


ASTINDO member consists of Travel Agents from all over Indonesia from small to big agents which is currently spread in 20 (twenty) provinces. The number of ASTINDO members is currently close to 900 members, including the Top 20 Travel Agent which controls nearly 70% of Outbound Tour and International Ticket sales of Indonesia.

ASTINDO’s Programs

ASTINDO Travel Fair (B to C) mostly for Outbound, held every early of the year by February March in Jakarta since 2011.

ASTINDO Travel Mart (B to B) for Inbound started 2018, sponsored by Indonesia Tourism Ministry.

ASTINDO Training Center, to provide every kind of training required by member.

LSP ATDA,  it’s a Professional Certification Body to control professionalism of Travel Agent human resources, licensed by Indonesia National Certification Authority.

ASTINDO Hub it’s a Platform to facilitating conventional Travel Agent to become Online Travel Agent (OTA).

As partner of Government in term of policy making