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Beijing International Studies University (BISU) is a renowned institution of highereducation of multi-disciplines, offering subjects and courses of literature, management, economics, and law, with the foreign languages and literature as itsdominant discipline and tourism management as its specialized discipline. It is animportant base in China for the teaching and research of foreign languages, translation, tourism, and economics and foreign trade.BISU, founded in 1964 with the support of China’s late premier Zhou Enlai, was oneof China’s first few institutions that offered undergraduate education in foreignlanguages, which is registered to be 190 million yuan, in No. 1 Dingfuzhuang NanliChaoyang District, Beijing. In its history.BISU was long-term under the successiveleaderships of China National Tourism Administration. Today, BISU is sponsored bythe People’s Government of Beijing Municipality.BISU is dedicated to produce high-level, practical talents with an international visionand a spirit of interdisciplinary exploration. At present, BISU has nearly 10,000 registered students, including 6,300 undergraduate students, 1,300 graduatestudents, 1,000 international students, and the number of international students oftourism management ranks first in China. BISU offers 13 primary disciplines and 44undergraduate majors (including 26Bachelors programs in modern foreign languages). Five primary disciplines have been authorized to confer Master’s degrees. It also offers six professional Master’s degree programs. BISU has Joint Doctoral Programs in translation and tourism management, and two post-doctoral research stations. BISU is one of the first institutions to set up major of Tourism Management in China.We cover all three disciplines related to Tourism. The three disciplines are Tourism Management, hospitality management and Event management. Being consistentwith the school motto of” Service, Cooperation and Innovation, the mission is toprepare students for tourismrelated careers in science and business. The major of Tourism Management are rated as national excellent major and passed theUNWTO-TedQual accreditation for tourism provision in 2011.