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China Railway Travel Service was established in February 1991. In May 2002, MOR (Ministry of Railroads) transferred the ownership to Beijing Railway Bureau which is administered by MOR.

Through the development of over twenty years, it has shaped itself into a comprehensive tourism enterprise, which integrates the tourism, hotel, car fleet, conference and exhibition, commerce and trade, car rent and lease. Up to the end of 2016, its registered capital is 226,000,000 Yuan, the total asset is 373,000,000 Yuan and with 556 employees in total.

China Railway Travel Service has 11 legal entities and 216 non-legal yet licensed ones(including retailrooms,sales branches and ticket offices). For reference of its business,it consists of four blocks: tourism,commerce and trade,hoteland car renting.

At present, China Railway Travel Service is the vice-chancellor China Association of Travel Services and chancellor of China Railroad Travel Union. China Railway Travel Service is one of the national top 100 travel companies and 4A level travel company in Beijing. It has won many prizes in the tourism realm, such as the “Beijing Forbidden Cup”. It has been evaluated as one of the “10 brand travel agencies” in domestic tourists-soliciting business and one of the “10 biggest tourist organization companies in Beijing”. It won the honorary title of “the Advanced National Collective in Tourism System” issued by China national tourism administration last year.