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As an international bankcard organization, China UnionPay was established in March 2002 with the permission of the State Council and approval of People’s Bank of China. Headquartered in Shanghai, China UnionPay is mainly responsible for building and operating a unified interbank bankcard switch nationwide, ensuring interbank, inter-regionaland cross-border use of bank cards. China UnionPay has worked with over 1500 partners across the world and extended acceptance to 162 countries and regions. 42 million merchants and 2.4 million ATM terminals have been enabled and over 6.3 billion UnionPay cards have been issued in 42 countries and regions.

China UnionPay has been vigorously promoting various types of comprehensive bankcard-based payment solutions, allowing cardholders to make payments through both traditional channels including ATM and POS terminals and various emerging channels including the Internet, cell phones, smartphones, fixed-line telephones, self-service terminals and smart TVs. In order to meet the different and changing needs of consumers, China UnionPay has been working with commercial banks and related institutions to build a wider bankcard acceptance network covering more areas and more channels.

China UnionPay is working with domestic and overseas partners to promote the sound and rapid development of China’s bankcard industry with the aim of providing Chinese people with comprehensive bankcard payment solutions that feature high quality, security and efficiency. The vision of the company is to build UnionPay into a global brand with a global network. That is, to make UnionPay an international bankcard association with domestic authority and credibility as well as global competitiveness and influence, and the UnionPay brand a major bankcard brand with global reach.