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Approved by Guangdong Provincial Governmentin 2014, provincial state-owned enterprises Guangdong Travel Group, Guangdong CTS Group, White Swan Hotel Group and Guangsheng Hotel Group constitutedGuangdong Provincial Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd. Covering fivebusiness segments: hotels, travel agencies, tourist attractions, commercial properties and tourism culturalmedia, Guangdong Provincial Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd. Possess more than twenty famous time-honored brands and enterprises with national title including White Swan Hotel, Guangdong CTS, Baiyun Hotel,Guangdong AsiaInternational Hotel, Hotel Landmark Canton, Baiyun Lakeside Hotel, Guangdong Yingbin Hotel, Guangdong Victory Hotel, Guangdong Hot Spring Hotel, Nanhu Tourism Centre, Naam Hoi Waan, and Guangdong Travel and Tourism Press. It has more than ten thousand employees and has offered services to over ten million people every year with total assets exceeding ten billion Yuan. During the “13thfive-year plan”period, aiming at “leading the tourism industry”as its strategicpursuit, Guangdong Provincial Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd endeavors to pursue the fruitful realization of three visions of “the first brand of Guangdong tourism, leading enterprise of south China tourism and mainstay of national tourism”, contributing on the promotion, supports and leading of the sustainable development of Guangdong and national tourism industry.