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Guoao Group was founded in 2004, which invested and operated Guoao Village and National Stadium that had been rewarded of Luban Prize and Zhan Tianyou Prize. Guoao village was the first one that been authorized by LEED of U.S. and the Gold award as the pioneer of energy and environmental design. And Guoao Group also won more than 50 prizes of environmental friendly of national. In 2009, Guoao Group was selected of 500 powerful real estate enterprises in China. In 2010, Guoao Village was the exclusive case of real estates in EXPO, presenting the idea of green, scientific and humanity.

Guoao Group has succeeded in operating five series of productions spreading in Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guilin and Qiqihar, including Guoao Village, Guoyun Village, Guohui Village, Guoao City and Guoao Country. With many years of development, being an operator of various areas in domestic, Guoao Group is not also focusing real estate, but also engaged in sports,  media, tourism, agriculture, education, pension service and financial business.