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Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism is responsible for:

1.Implementing laws, regulations, guidelines and policies on culture and tourism, drafting relevant local regulations and government regulations, and formulating cultural and tourism policies and measures of Shandong Province.

2.Making overall plans for the development of the province’s cultural undertakings, cultural industry, tourism, and the undertakings of cultural relics protection; formulating and implementing development plans; promoting the integrated development of cultural industry, tourism and related industries; advancing reforms on cultural and tourism system and mechanism.

3. Managing major cultural and tourism activities of the province, guiding the construction of key cultural and tourism facilities, and guiding and promoting the development of all-in-one tourism.

4.Guiding and managing the province’s literary and artistic undertakings, guiding artistic creation and production; supporting guiding, representative and demonstrative literary works that embody the core values of socialism, and push forward the development of all types and genres of art.

5. Advancing the development of the province’s public cultural undertakings, further building the systems for public cultural service and tourism services; implementing cultural projects to benefit the people, and comprehensively promoting the standardization and equalization of basic public cultural services.