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Chen Gang, who used to work as the CTO in Tieyou Website; the senior VP in Ctrip Group, the CEO of Ctrip’s Ground Transportation Group which was initially founded by him, and the CEO of Ctrip’s innovation Factory, is experienced in how to start a business.

In December 2017, Chen Gang worked as the CEO of Qunar officially.

In 2018. he led Qunar complete the hard reconstruction time of business, team and system. This reconstruction contributed a 30% increase in annual GMV and a 20% increase in Air Ticket

Business. More over, the Hotel Business of high class keeps a growth rate over 30%, while the Train Business over 40% and even the Tourism and Vacation Business reached a triple-digit growth. In 2019, the Strategic Business continues to maintain a double-digit growth rate. In February 2020, Chen Gang, who still works as the CEO of Qunar, took on the position as the CEO of Tujia Website as well.