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Meituan – Dianping has become the biggest local service e-commerce platform in terms of market transactions since Meituan and Dianping merged together in October 2015. With nearly 5 million business partners, it provides services to over 600 million users in cities at different tiers across China.

With dozens of products covering hotels, B&B, attraction tickets, excursions, flight tickets, and entertainment, Meituan Travel has registered more than 100 million users. It partners 360,000 hotels in China and 340,000 overseas, and has access to 20,000 attractions. It offers options for 70,000 excursion routes, and ticketing for 100, 000 overseas flight routes. For outbound travel, it has been offered in 215 countries and regions.

Backed by 600 million users from Meituan and Dianping, Meituan Travel sold more than 200 million hotel room nights and about 100 million tickets throughout 2017.