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Nam Kwong (Group) Co., Ltd. is a central enterprise based in Macao, which is directly under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). Its predecessor founded in August 1949 was the first Chinese-funded institution in Macao. Over its history of more than half a century, Nam Kwong forged ahead with great courage and has gone through an extraordinary course of development through hard working and perseverance. It has successfully accomplished all its missions mandated by the State in various historical periods, made its due contributions to the handover of Macao to China, to the development of the economic and trade relations between the Mainland of China and Macao, to the promotion of China’s trade and economic cooperation with other countries, to the unity of compatriots in Macao and to the promotion of Macao’s economic prosperity and social stability, and with these achievements it has won a good reputation.

Nam Kwong Group’s main businesses covers four categories, namely consumer goods trade; hotels, tourism, exhibition and supporting services; real estate management and development; and integrated logistics services. Its main business products include: petrochemical products, metals & minerals, foodstuff, textile clothing, medicine and health products, etc.; and its assets include large oil depots, gas stations, hotels, department stores, office buildings, docks, warehouses and cold storages, transport fleets, etc.

As Macao’s largest supplier of petroleum products and main supplier of fresh and frozen food, hotels and tourism as well as logistics services, the Group boasts the only facilities for oil and gas transit, storage and transportation as well as for the specialized purpose of aviation kerosene supply in Macao. It invests in 7 starred hotels in Macao, Guilin, Hangzhou and Canada; the Group is also the only designated unit for the “Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents” and the “Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents” in Macao region; and it boasts the largest inner harbor, dry and frozen storage and cross-border transport fleet in Macao as well as large warehousing facilities in Zhuhai Free Trade Zone and Zhuhai-Macao Cross Border Industrial Zone. Nam Kwong has long been engaged in trade with tens of countries including U.S., EU, CIS,South Korea and countries in Southeast Asia, with an annual import and export value of tens of billions of HK dollars.

Under the Group there are 12 secondary subsidiaries, namely Nam Kwong Petroleum & Chemical Co., Ltd, Macao CTS Hotel Management (International) Ltd., China Travel Service (Macao) Ltd., Nam Kwong Industry Limited, Nam Kwong Prudential Property Co., Ltd., Nam Kwong Trading Company Limited, Nam Kwong Logistics Co., Ltd., Guangdong Nam Kwong Industry & Trading Company, Nam Kwong (Shanghai) Investment Company Limited, Shanghai Shihua International Travel Service, Shanghai Huagao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Nam Kwong Petroleum & Chemical Co., Ltd. Beijing, in addition to the representatives in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Today, in China’s great process of building a well-off society in an all-round way and under the new situation where moderate economic diversification is promoted in Macao, Nam Kwong Group is shouldering new missions in the face of new opportunities and challenges. Looking ahead, Nam Kwong will seize the opportunity to accelerate its development, firmly establish the core value of“striving for development, keeping good faith and competing in performance”, further deepen the internal reform, seriously implement the scientific outlook of people-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development and constantly enhance the management and core competitiveness, so as to achieve sustainable development of the enterprise; and it will inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of patriotism and love of Macao, strongly support the Macao SAR government in administration according to law and resolutely implement the “one country two systems” principle as well as the “Basic Law of Macao”, so as to make new contributions to the social stability and economic prosperity of Macao.