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Nankai University is the first university that sets up the bachelor’s degree program of tourism in China, and also one of the first batch of units that has the right of granting the academic master’s degree and the professional master’s degree of Tourism Administration, and the doctors degree of Tourism Administration. The secretariat of National Educational Instruction Committee of Professional Master Degree of Tourism Administration, owns strong scientific and research strength, rich social service and consulting research achievements, positively leads the tourism education reform and innovation. Founded in 2010, the College of Tourism and Service has six majors, i.e. tourism market, tourism enterprise, tourism ecology, tourism information, service and recreation, exhibition economy and management, and Chinese Tourism Market and Destination Marketing Research Center, China and the United States Tourism Research Center, China Tourism Human Resource and Occupation Development Center, China Marine Tourism Research Center, Rural tourism Research Center, Silk Road Tourism Research Center, China Institute of Pacific Relations marine tourism committee and other important research platforms, and has accumulated the rich research achievements in the fields of national tourism image, poverty alleviation through tourism, tourism industry integration, national parks, MTA education, inbound tourism, red tourism and tourism diplomacy, marine tourism, tourism industry associations administration. In the past 38 years. Nankai University cultivated over 5000 outstanding talents and was honored the West Point in Tourism Industry. Nankai University makes important contribution to the tourism development of the country and was recognized as the leading university in tourism education in China.