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The birthplace of the writer of fairytales lies in the old city precinct. The Hans Christian Andersen Museum opened in 1908 as a museum focusing on the life and work of the writer, making it one of the first writer museums in the world.

The museum exhibitions tell of the writer’s life, from his childhood years as the son of a poor shoemaker in Odense via the hard times he spent on his way towards realising his dreams in Copenhagen, his schooling, debut as a writer and career as an author, old age and death. You can follow the writer’s acquaintances, love life, artistic career and his many journeys.

The exhibitions take you back to the age out of which Andersen’s work originated: His lifetime – from 1805 to 1875 – was full of great events. You will be presented with the person Hans Christian Andersen, his characteristic appearance and his cast of mind. The writer’s creative range is illustrated via his drawings and papercuts. And in the library you will gain an impression of his comprehensive authorship as well as the worldwide fame of his works.

The museum has all modern facilities and you can set off exploring Andersen’s universe, leaf through his books via computer and listen to his fairytales at the many listening posts.