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Okay Airways Company Limited is private aviation enterprise, approved by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China. The first flight of Okay Airways was on 11th March, 2005. Headquartered in Beijing, the company consists of Tianjin , Hunan and Shaanxi Branch and has operational bases in Tianjin, Changsha and Xi’an.

As of 3rd July, 2017, Okay Airways has 24 aircrafts in operation, of which, 22 are B737 passenger aircrafts and 1 is B737 cargo aircrafts, with nearly 100 domestic and international routes, covering major cities and neighboring countries, transporting more than 25 million passengers. Business scope includes China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and neighboring countries’ passenger and cargo transporting business. Okay Airways is selected as major business directory in Beijing.

20th June, 2017, Wang Shusheng, the chairman of Okay Airways Company Limited, and Ray Conner, president and chief executive officer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, signed 20 Boeing 737 aircrafts at Paris Airshow in France, including Boeing 737MAX-10, which is first purchased in China. Okay Airways will become the model of domestic users.

Okay Airways aims to build a first-class resources sharing service platform at 30,000 feet, so as to be an internationalized airline providing refined service with comparative cost advantage.