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Mafengwo Global Travel & Leisure Guide(Beijing Mafengwo Network Technology co., LTD.)was established in 2010, which is the platform mainly to provide travel content (Travel Guides, travel Notes, Q&AS, Notes, Videos, Veviews, Live Broadcast, etc.) and service reservation (Flights, Hotels, Transportation, Free Independent Tour,Group Tour, Local Experience, DIY Tour, Tickets, VISA, etc.)for travel enthusiasts. Mafengwo is a social-tourism website and a data-driven platform, covering over 60,000 destinations around the globe, over 2 million tourism service/product, and over 5,000 qualification merchants settled. In order to better assist partners with online marketing and transactions, Mafengwo continues to empower the industry, including destination big data research, destination integrated marketing, scenic spot smart applet, Mafengwo University new tourism talent training, cultural and tourism creators resource output, etc. Mafengwo and China Tourism Academy jointly set up the “Independent Travel Big Data Joint Laboratory”, which regularly releases industry development reports and holds the “New Tourism E-commerce” industry conference every year.

Mafengwo, as the President unit of the Branch of Online travel service providers of the China Travel Service Association, the union members issued that“A Letter of Appeal on Giving Preferential Teams to Chinese Tourists to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus Pneumonia”in English-Chinese version during the outbreak. In the initiative, we sincerely hope to get full understanding and support, looking forward to introducing relative refund and changes policies to minimize Chinese tourists financial loss.