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Qingdao, surrounded by the mountain and the sea, is located on the coast of Yellow Sea where you can enjoy beautiful sea view, agreeable climate, and strong atmosphere of time-honored history and modern humanism as well as various styles of foreign buildings and special local festivals and various folk customs. Qingdao as an international coastal city combines western and eastern styles. Qingdao successfully hosted 29th Olympic Games Sailing Regatta in 2008. As an international city, Qingdao usually hosted various large international and domestic sea games such as sailing games, sail boarding games, and motorboat games etc. Each year. till now , Qingdao has won many honors such as China First Group of Top Tourist Cities, China Best Leisure Cities, China Top 10 Destinations, China First Group of Exemplary Tourist Cities etc. Now, Qingdao has been widely recognized as China Best Destination.