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QYER.com is a worldwide platform for travel, lifestyle and social networking which was founded by Mr. Yi Xiao in 2004.

So far over billions of users have shared travelling tips here to record their journey and moments of life.

The users could get travel inspiration through the premium content from  Q-Guidebook、Q-Community、Travel Q&A in QYER.com, and making travel plans by using Q-Planner and Q-Mall.

In 2019, QYER.com has fully upgraded the product “Biu”which is based on travel、 interest and social to help our users to record and share the amazing moments of their trips by using photos 、sounds、short videos ,etc.

With 15 years travel content accumulation since 2004, QYER.com has accumulated a large number of high-quality active users. QYER.com has 7 products, including Q-Community, Q-Guidebook, Q-Destination, have covered all the various stages of a trip, and built a complete closed product chain loop.

QYER.com advocates positive travel values, and established a sense of “responsible travel” since 2011. And Qyer.com together with the WWF, TRAFFIC, and FSC, formally made a joint proposal on the “Responsible Travel” project in 2017. In 2018, QYER.com set a reminder in a prominent position on the product page, advising users not to buy products that may negatively impact or hurt animals. “Responsible Travel” won the 13th People’s CSR “Annual Case Award” sponsored by People’s Daily.