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Founded in 1984 under the name “Travel Agents Association (TAA)”, the Association is a gathering of outbound tour operators and airlines ticketing and reservations agents. The key objective is to promote and raise the standards of the members’ businesses.

Then in 1990, TAA was renamed as the Thai Travel Agents Association (TTAA) that has been used until the present. This reflects TTAA as being a tourism association of Thailand as well as has a meaning that covers the tour business.

Since its foundation, the TTAA has had a role in the promotion and creation of stability for BSP Agents and outbound tour operators, which has been the major objective for establishing the Association.  Furthermore, TTAA has cooperated with other tourism associations in promoting the growth and strength of Thailand’s tourism industry until today.

The TTAA has accomplished the achievement of having more than 780 members nationwide, and expansion the venue in 4 regions: North (Chiangmai), Northeastern (Udon Thani), Upper South (Phuket) and Lower South (Satul)


  1. To act as the members’ representative in contacting, negotiating, and proposing opinions with various domestic and international organizations.
  2. Protect the Association’s interests and resolve problems to initiate stability in the livelihood of members.
  3. Create new business opportunities for members by increasing sales channels and searching for new products.
  4. Raise the competitive abilities of members by organizing trainings to increase their knowledge, skills, and new business perspectives.
  5. Promote members to have standards, responsibility and ethics.