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The Israel Association of Travel Agencies and Consultants was established in1909(hereinafter-“ITTAA”). ITTAA aims to improve and strengthen the travelindustry, to expand its member’s knowledge and use of advanced methods, toimprove its member’s welfare and to protect consumers’ rights regardingtourism services.ITTAA unites approximately 400 travel agencies and about 4,500 tourismconsultants in Israel and represents their interest, challenges and needs to theIsraeli-parliament (Knesset), government-institutions in Israel and abroad, public organizations, foreign embassies and consulates, etc.On the legislative level, ITTAA takes an active part in the lawmaking processconcerning tourism laws and regulations (including consumer-protection lawsand regulations regarding tourism services). ITTAA is an active participant inParliament (Knesset)committees and professional meetingsin various government offices and regulators in order to promote the travel industry.In the educational arena, ITTAA acts for its members by providing them withvarious professional training programs and seminars. ITTAA also cooperateswith academic institutions by developing grants and scholarships programs topromote academic and empirical research in the field of tourism.ITTAA promotes Mediation and Conflict Resolution between travel agents whoare associations’ members and their clients-free of charge.ITTAA is currently developing a unique model in the Israeli tourism industrywhich will comply with the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, to which it is asignatory, in order to promote sustainable tourism.For further information, kindly contact us at http://www.ittaa.org.il/?lang=enand on 972-3-5269102.