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Tourism Research Centre of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASSTRC), a professional tourism research institution set up in 1999 by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), is a member of China Tourism Association and that of ATLAS Asia.

The mission of the Centre is to meet the needs of the growth tourism development in China by further promoting tourism studies, facilitating contacts and exchanges among tourism academics, administrations and the industry both at home and abroad. The Centre, being open and service-oriented, adheres to the principle of serving the government, the industry and the whole society. Staffed by experts in the fields of economics, business management, leisure study, regional planning, economic geography, it conducts tourism research projects, provides consulting services to the government agencies and the industry, promotes academic exchanges among tourism researchers, organizes national and international tourism symposiums and seminars, and prepares reports on China’s tourism development. In addition, world-noted scholars have been accepted as Senior Academic Advisors to the Centre.