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Located in the central region of China, Wuhan is a megalopolis that stakes its claim in the middle reaches of the Yangtze river. It’s the capital of Hubei Province, acting as an important bases of industry science and education as well as a comprehensive communication hub.

With a history lasting 500years, Wuhan is a Chinese famous historical and culture city and one of the cradles of Chu culture. Wuhan is high-tech, mobile and trade circulation industries play an important role through the nation. Wuhan is also an aviation hub in the central China, offering 42 direct international flights it’s the only city in central China with direct flights to Europe, Americas and Oceania.

As an important node city for the belt and road initiative, Wuhan is a central tourist city in the middle part of China and also a gateway to the three gorges of Yangtze river itinerary. it also enjoys a lofty reputation for flowers such as plum and cherry blossoms. if you come to Wuhan, you won’t to miss impressive metropolitan tourist cultural events and sites such as the Wuhan open, Wuhan international garden expo, Han show.

“Great rivers, great lakes, great Wuhan” , 12 million hospitable people of Wuhan are waiting for you!

Welcome to Wuhan!