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Xi ‘ An, ancient called Changan or Pick Beijing, as a deputy provincial city now is the capital of Shaanxi province and the national regional center City (northwest), also is an important central city in western China approved by the state council and an irreplaceable area of scientific research, education and industrial base. Xi ‘ An is one of the four ancient capitals of China, asthe United Nations Scientific and Educational organization identified the “World historical City” in 1981,the U.S. media selected it one of the top ten ancient capitals in the world. Xi ‘ An is located in the middle of guanzhong plain and around by eight rivers. It is near the Weihe river in the north and the Qinling mountains in the south. As the best tourist destinations and one of the most civilized cities in China, there are six heritages were listed in “world heritage list” respectively: Qin shihuangmausoleum and terracotta warriors and horses, big wild goose pagoda, small wild goose pagoda, tang chang ‘an city daming palace ruins, han chang ‘an palace ruins, xingjiao temple tower. Also the xi ‘an city wall, bell tower, huaqing pool, mount zhongnan, datang furong garden, shaanxi history museum, xi ‘an forest of steles and other attractions.