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Yunnan Health & Cultural Tourism Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “HCT”, formerly known as Yunnan Metropolitan Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. with 15 years of development history), with a registered capital of 6.142 billion yuan and 26,000 employees, is a leading enterprise and a project implementation subject in the two trillion-level industries of cultural tourism and health service of Yunnan province, as defined by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government. Its business covers cultural tourism, wellness, urban development and environmental protection, and industrial investment and finance.

HCT currently owns 2 companies listed on the main board (Yun Nan Metropolitan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Water Investment Co., Limited) and 1 company on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (Yunnan Yi Cheng Driving Training School Co., Ltd.); fully-owns and controls 42 secondary subsidiaries and 2 provincial platform companies (Yunnan Land Reserve Operation Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Urban Renewal Co., Ltd.); has initiated the establishment of Champion Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd.; and is the largest shareholder of the outstanding shares of Top Spring International Holdings Limited and an important shareholder of Qujing City Commercial Bank and the listed semiconductor company Wingtech Technology. As of June 2021, HCT has the asset scale of 264.668 billion yuan, accumulated investment of more than 339.1 billion yuan, financing of more than 614.7 billion yuan, profit of more than 15 billion yuan, and profit and tax of more than 37.9 billion yuan. The credit rating of HCT is AAA at the domestic level.

In the segment of cultural tourism, HCT strives to build a  destination for healthy life; to actively promote and establish an International demonstration area of wellness tourism; to focus on the whole industrial chain of “culture, tourism, health care, wellness, sports, study tours, and intelligence”; to create a new tourism brand represented by the great tourism ring in west Yunnan; and to form a layout of tourism resources centering around Kunming, with the fine tourist routes in northwest, south and southeast Yunnan as the main part, supplemented by the routes in west Yunnan. HCT owns core tourism resources in the prefectures of Diqing, Xishuangbanna and Wenshan; owns 2 national 5A scenic areas, 7 national 4A scenic areas, 3 national 3A scenic areas, 4 tourist towns, 1 self-driving tour platform and 3 self-driving camp projects; runs 16 hotels under the brands such as InterContinental, Banyan Tree, Waldorf Astoria, Marriott and Sheraton, with over 5,000 rooms; and has 14 branded hotels under construction. HCT has “three exhibition halls in two places” (Kunming and Haikou), and hosts 20 large-scale exhibitions such as China-South Asia Expo and China International Tourism Fair throughout a year, with an average annual reception of more than 6.8 million person-time. HCT has become the strongest service provider of integrated operations in tourism industry in Yunnan, with the most extensive layout and the most products.

In the segment of health services, HCT strives to implement the “Healthy Yunnan Action”, and its business covers the whole industrial chain of the integration of medical research, wellness and tourism, including medical treatment, medicine, health management and wellness real estate etc. HCT runs seven hospitals, with more than 5,500 beds for medical treatment. It has a good cooperation relationship with international universities and medical institutions such as Université Paris V from France and Sanford University from the United States. In the First Hospital of Kunming, an “academician workstation in the field of organ transplantation and hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery” and a “national postdoctoral research station” have been established. The Calmette Hospital has solved the difficulty of seeing a doctor for nearly one million people in the northern urban area of Kunming. The “AI Pulmonary Nodule Clinic of China Alliance for Lung Cancer Prevention and Treatment”, which has been licensed to be established in the hospital, is among the first departments in Yunnan province to receive such honor. The DCD organ transplantation technology adopted by the hospital ranks first in southwest China and is first-class nationwide. HCT has 25 invention patents and 5 utility patents for the whole industry chain of notoginseng. The brand benefit of “Yunnan Notoginseng” is prominent, ranking first among the “top ten medicinal herbs” in Yunnan.

In the segment of urban comprehensive development, the green environmental protection of HCT covers areas such as tap water, sewage treatment, garbage treatment, solid waste treatment, medical waste treatment, and hazardous waste treatment etc. With the total processing scale of 6.23 million tons per day of water projects, the solid waste treatment scale of 4.05 million tons per year, and the resource integration implemented in 26 provinces in China and 4 countries in South and Southeast Asia, the overall scale of HCT ranks the 6th in the environmental protection industry in China. HCT owns the largest hazardous waste treatment enterprise in Asia – Shandong Tengyue; the largest waste pyrolysis gasification power generation project in Asia – Surabaya Waste Gasification Project in Indonesia; and the largest municipal waste power generation project in operation in Thailand. HCT has invested 5 billion yuan in the protection of Erhai Lake and completed the treatment of more than 90% of the sewage entering the lake. In terms of urban development, HCT owns a listed platform for comprehensive urban operation, a provincial first-level land development platform, a provincial urban renewal platform and a construction company with special-grade qualification. It has the integrated operation capacity of investment, financing, construction and operation, and the brand series of tourist real estate and complex such as “Dream Life” and “Harmony City”. HCT has achieved good outcome in urban renewal, old city reconstruction, urban function improvement and industry-city integration.

During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, HCT will take “make your life healthy and happy” as the mission and “to build a leader and a win-win service provider of healthy life destination in China” as the vision, and strive to enhance the capital operation capability of integration of investment and financing, the lean and efficient asset management capability and the all-win foreign cooperation capability; to build the four business segments of cultural tourism, wellness, urban development and environmental protection, and industrial investment and finance; to create the three business models of “HCT Base+”, “HCT Town+” and “HCT Community+”; to build a “1+3+1” business system (in other words, one urban development business group serves as the core business entity and the front-line operation team; the three business segments of cultural tourism, wellness and urban development serve as the supporting wing with key capabilities or teams supporting the front line; and one business segment of industry, investment and finance serves as an important supporting platform to promote development); to carry out the cities-strategies and create a world-class “healthy life destination” for Yunnan, and to create an international demonstration area of wellness tourism, making a HCT contribution to the high-quality leapfrog development of the economy and society of Yunnan.