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Xi’an Tourism Group is a large wholly state-owned tourism enterprise group approved by Xi’an Municipal Government, the investment institution and capital operation institution authorized by the government, and the leading cultural tourism enterprise in Northwest China, with registered capital of RMB 3 billion and total assets of RMB 5.8 billion. The group has the whole industry chain of tourism, with outstanding advantages in resources, platform, operation and management, and talents. Its industrial sectors include scenic spots, restaurants, travel agencies, hotels, tourism transportation, properties, cultural investment, real estate, etc. It also owns two listed companies, Xi’an Tourism and Xi’an Catering, four AAAA-grade scenic spots, 11 Chinese old-established restaurants (13 old-established restaurants in Shaanxi) and 5 national intangible cultural heritages. The Group has 17 second-level subsidiaries and nearly 100 third-level and below companies.