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The Associazione Veneziana Albergatori (Venetian Hoteliers Association) is trade association founded in Venice in 1948, and subscribes to the Federalberghi and Confcommercio. It brings together almost all hotels in the district of Venice, as well as many complementary hospitality service operators.

The purpose of the association is to express and safeguard the interests of its associates through initiatives aimed at developing and incrementing accommodation services, and encouraging residential tourism in the district. The Association assures representation for hotel businesses operating in the district, managing relations with the public administration and coordinating the appropriate activities in administrative, negotiation and category trade union proceedings, both in the interests of the entire category and those of its individual associates. It participates in national, regional and local initiatives in the tourism sector, with its own representatives. It also stipulates territorial and/or company based employment contracts and/or trade union agreements.

AVA provides businesses with front-office management assistance services ranging from legal and fiscal consulting to help with building and planning issues, health, safety and the environment, fire prevention, privacy law, finance, insurance, advice on plant and credit, immigration law and help with all red tape and formalities, all provided by professionals in their respective areas. The Association also offers assistance with employment related matters, as well as payroll and accounting services. Through the AVA, hotel businesses can access training grants, as well as discounts on annual subscriptions offered by the Federalberghi/SIAE/SCF/IMAIE conventions. The Association’s public relations office assures continual updates and information on sector legislation, legal obligations, due dates and various other matters, as well as assistance with all forms of paperwork. The Association also offers promotion services for its associates, through participation in trade fairs and through its soon-to-be-implemented hotel booking website, as well as through specific projects that can involve all associates or just those directly interested. The Association’s promotions department can also assist in organising specific events at the individual hotels of its associates.