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Founded in 1985, Guilin Tourism University was approved to start undergraduate programs in 2015. It is one of the two independent full-time public tourism undergraduate universities in China with 1 top discipline()and 2 key disciplines of provincial level, and 2 key research bases of humanity and social science of Guangxi. Guilin Tourism University offers 19 undergraduate programs and 36 programs for diploma, with over 12,000 full-time students.Adhering to its philosophy of developing into a renowned tourism featured university and educating an all-round talents in the tourism industry, Guilin tourism university has formed its own pattern of talents education that is closely cooperated with industry, multiplied with international institutions,and open to changes and opportunities,applicable to the social need since its establishment,with its target deeply rooted and based in Guilin and Guangxi, and a vision to the country and the world. Guilin Tourism University is the only key support unit of the United Nations World Tourism Organization in China and its affiliated member of the Education Committee, Member of the Asia-PacificTourism Association, “Excellent Partner for High-end Tourism Talent Training”with the Asian Development Bank , and Member of the “Five Star Alliance”of China tourism universities , one of the 100 universities of the project design and construction for School and Enterprise cooperation.It is also the initiative member of the China ASEAN Tourism Education Alliance, China-ASEAN Tourism Talent Education and Training Base, China-ASEAN Tourism Research Base, National Tourism Poverty Alleviation Training Base, the first batch of Hong Kong and Macao Youth Study Bases, National Mass Sports Advanced Unit, Guangxi Tourism Talent small highland and Guangxi Tourism Data Center carrier unit; It has awarded the Excellent Colleges for the National Catering Vocational Education, and the Award of the Best Institute for Eastern Tourism Service Industry Talents Training.Nowadays,Guilin Tourism University is working relentlessly to cultivate the talents that applicable and technical to the needs of tourism and social development according to the deployment of the state and the autonomous region, with the target to develop into a high level tourism university.