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Nami Island—to fans of the “Korean Wave” the name alone conjures of up images of romance in a pristine snowy setting.

For visitors from Southeast Asia, Nami Island is a place to enjoy the “exotic” novelties the seasons of spring and autumn offer—so much so that the lure of wedding photographs in the midst of maple trees in October could be the sole reason for a visit to Nami.

For families, Nami Island is a welcoming getaway; an easy daytrip from Seoul to an island that offers fairytale enchantments, along with the simple pleasures of a picnic on the grass shared with inquisitive, friendly squirrels.

Ranked as one of Korea’s most popular tourist destinations, yet completely “untouristy” in atmosphere, Nami Island is a place with both historic and modern sensibilities.

The name “Nami” comes from General Nami (1441-1468), who as a young soldier was renowned for his prowess in the military arts, but quickly ran afoul of a jealous king and was executed unjustly as a traitor. Legend has it that a part or parts of his remains were buried on the island and there is a tomb extant to honor his memory.

Currently Nami Island is privately owned and operated and its management strives to fulfill the commitment of its founder, MinnByung-do to nature and the arts.