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The Russian Travel Association “World Without Borders” was established in 2002 and for over 21 years has been taking an active part in the development of humanitarian contacts and inbound tourism between the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China.

The Association includes 196 participants from 26 regions and 8 federal districts of the Russian Federation. These are tour operators, hotels, insurance companies, transport, trade and service companies.

The cooperation of the Russian Travel Association “World without borders” with the public authorities and domestic companies of tourism and hospitality made it possible to reach a leading position of the Chinese tourist flow in the Russian Federation and an active growth of this stream today.

The Russian Travel Association “World without borders” along with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture of Russia and Federal Agency for Tourism was an active participant in the official events such as Year of Tourism between Russia and China in 2012-2013, including events timed to coincide with the solemn opening and closing ceremonies.

The Russian Travel Association “World without borders” has been repeatedly praised for its successful development of tourism between two countries, both from Russian and Chinese state authorities.

The Russian Travel Association “World without borders” is the organizer and a participant of high-level bilateral events, including the unique annual Russian-Chinese tourist forum between two countries, as well as the largest exhibitions, presentations, road shows where the leaders of federal and regional government agencies and tourism industry take part.

The members of the Association are also the members of the Public Council of Federal Agency for Tourism, the Expert Council for Tourism under the Government of Moscow.

The Russian Travel Association “World without borders” is an indispensable participant in official working events organized by the relevant state agencies of Russia and China and also actively collaborate with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China and Diplomatic Office of China National Tourism Administration in Moscow.