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Founded in 1979, Shanghai Institute of Tourism (SIT) is the earliest independent tourism institution of higher learning in China. In 2003, the school merged with the College of City and Tourism of Shanghai Normal University to form the School of Tourism of Shanghai Normal University, which carries out academic education at all levels from junior college to master’s degree. At the same time, SIT is still an independent legal entity to carry out higher vocational education at the specialist level.

In 2011, SIT became the only national demonstration vocational college of tourism in China. SIT takes the first-class tourism discipline construction as the leader, the tourism specialty construction as the core, and the cultivation of high-level applied talents with international vision as the talent training goal, forming a distinct school-running characteristic. At present, SIT has two academic master degree programs, a professional master degree program, a national first-class undergraduate major in tourism management, and five first-class specialized associate degree programs at Shanghai level.

Since the establishment of the school, the vast majority of the nearly 100000 graduates have become industry elites, and more than two-thirds of them have held the positions of department managers or above in tourism and related enterprises.