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WTA Chairman Duan Qiang Meets Chief Representative Sato Yasuyuki of JAL in China Region


On the morning of July 30, Duan Qiang, Chairman of the World Tourism Alliance (WTA), met Sato Yasuyuki, Director of Japan Airlines (JAL) and new Chief Representative of JAL in China Region. The two sides exchanged views on the development of tourism between China and Japan amid regular epidemic prevention and control, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and other topics, and expressed their common desire to strengthen cooperation and boost the recovery of tourism.

On behalf of WTA, Duan Qiang welcomed Sato Yasuyuki’s delegation and thanked JAL for its support to WTA and the World Tourism Museum. He hoped JAL would play a bigger role in the development of WTA in the future. He said that Chinese people were paying close attention to the Summer Olympic Games being held in Japan. He believed that Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games would make the world feel the Chinese people’s enthusiasm for winter sports and ice and snow tourism. When talking about the business situation of China’s tourism industry, he said that the requirements for epidemic prevention and control and the rise of online e-commerce had reshuffled China’s tourism service market. JAl should pay more attention to the differentiated needs of Chinese tourists, meet the market challenge with refined products, and seize the opportunity of reform to achieve better development.

Sato Yasuyuki spoke highly of China’s measures for epidemic prevention and containment as well as its economic and social recovery and development, saying that the difficulties caused by the epidemic were temporary. He believed that with the joint efforts of the governments and industries of the two countries, the travel between China and Japan would be restarted, and great achievements would be made again. He praised the achievements made by WTA since its establishment and its important role in promoting international coordination, hoping that the communication with International Air Transport Association and other partners would be strengthened through WTA. He looked forward to the successful hosting of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, revealing that JAL would take the Winter Olympic Games as an opportunity to make more Japanese people know about China’s ice and snow tourist destinations in winter.

Nishida Shoji, Manager of JAL Beijing Office, Yang Xu, General Sales Manager, Zhao Ke, Director of WTA Division of Service and Management, and Fan Ruiqing, Project Officer, attended the meeting.