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Theme:Beidahu Dialogue


Venue:Jilin, China


The Dialogue, with an international perspective to promote quality development of ice & snow tourism for the building of a world-class destination for skiing, empowers the ice & snow tourism in Jilin through sharing of best practices by well-developed ski resorts in the world, pooling ideas and suggestions for the establishment of a renowned international ice & snow resort.

The Dialogue, centered on technological innovation for ice & snow tourism, looks into the functions of intelligent platforms for data and service, providing impetus for the development of ice & snow tourism through the application of artificial intelligence.

The Dialogue, with its attempts to create new scenarios for ice & snow tourism and bring such elements as culture, art and information technology into the product design in such regard, pays particular attention to the quality, brand-building and differentiation of development, aiming at creating new forms of unique, diversified and year-round all-season ice & snow tourism activities.

WTA · Beidahu Dialogue is intended not only for a better ice & snow tourism industry in China, but also for our shared pursuit of a better life.

2021  World Tourism Alliance • Beidahu Dialogue

Theme: Promoting High-quality Ice-snow Tourism Development, Building World-class Ski Resort Destination

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