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Destination (Inbound Tourism) Marketing Expert Seminar Successfully Held at WTA Headquarters


August 24th-26th, 2023 , World Tourism Alliance (WTA) HQ – Organized by the WTA Research Institute and co-hosted by ROCA Cultural Tourism, the “Destination (Inbound Tourism) Marketing Expert Seminar” was convened. Present at the seminar were Mr. LIU Shijun, Vice Chair & Secretary-General of WTA and WANG Kunxin, Chief Researcher of the WTA Research Institute, with the event chaired by Ms. Mika CUI, co-founder of Qyer and CEO of ROCA Cultural Tourism. During the seminar, 65 delegates attended, including representatives from the Department of Resource Development of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China, representatives from cultural and tourism authorities of 21 provinces and cities, including Shanxi, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian and many more, together with members of WTA Secretariat.

Mr. LIU Shijun, Vice Chair & Secretary-General of the World Tourism Alliance

Mr. LIU Shijun highlighted the significant potential of inbound tourism to foster understanding and harmony among different nations, races, and communities. He emphasized the importance of breaking away from the mindset of ‘speaking among ourselves’ and highlighted the necessity to adeptly narrate China’s story using international discourse. He also stressed the need to create a collaborative platform for international communication.

Mr. WANG Kunxin, Chief Researcher at the WTA Research Institute

Mr. WANG Kunxin elaborated on the foundational roles, research directions, and primary functions of the WTA Research Institute. He also discussed the current global tourism trends focusing on openness, inbound tourism, transformation, innovation, and quality.

Ms. Mika CUI, the co-founder of Qyer Network and CEO of ROCA Cultural Tourism

Ms. Mika CUI introduced the seminar’s course design and highlighted features. She expressed her hope to integrate data, information, and channels further to contribute more to the thriving development of China’s inbound tourism market.

The seminar’s curriculum spanned five modules: “Data and Strategy”, “Content and Play”, “PR and Media”, “Peer Market Marketing”, and “Practice and Experience”. It invited guest lecturers with insights in the industry, such as ZHANG Bibo, VP of Major Client Department and ZHAO Qian, Manager of Public and Cultural Affairs in China of Google China; ZHANG Shaohui, VP of OAG China; LIU Junpeng, Senior Manager of OAG Travel Technology; ZHAN Chunchun, International Business Director and General Manager of CNN China; XU Anni, City Walk Overseas Route Planner; Lewis, Managing Director of Flex PR China; ZHOU Xiaoguang, Chairman and General Manager of Guilin Tang Dynasty Tours Co., Ltd.; LI Wei, General Manager of Asia Pacific Region of Destination Canada; and Kate Chang, Managing Director, China of Los Angeles Tourism.

Guests utilized data from search engines and industry management to analyze emerging global travel market trends and nuances in digital communication. The focus was on big data interpretation, overseas media matrix utility, effective overseas market communication strategies, and innovative approaches for inbound tourism businesses. Moreover, guests shared best practices from Canadian and Los Angeles tourism agencies on foreign image promotion and inbound tourism attraction, which sparked profound contemplation and spirited discussions among attendees.

Currently, as inbound tourism is in a phase of revitalization, relevant departments and companies need to rethink its developmental challenges, identify pain points,precisely target solutions,broaden perspectives, and innovate thinking patterns to elevate destination marketing standards. The World Tourism Alliance is keen on joining forces with relevant governmental departments, market entities, and international organizations to contribute wisdom and strength to the recovery of the inbound tourism market.

During the event, attendees also visited Hangzhou Xintiandi Central Vitality Zone, Liangzhu National Archaeological Site Park, and Liangzhu Museum for practical lessons.