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Harbin Ice and Snow World Closes with Record-breaking Attendance


Source: China Daily

Due to temperature rise and safety concerns, the hugely popular Harbin Ice and Snow World dropped its curtain on Feb 15 evening.

Since opening on December 19, 2023, the winter wonderland has drawn record-breaking visitor numbers from around the country and the world, with around 30,000 visitors to the park every day, nearly double pre-pandemic records.

The park, which covers more than 816,600 square meters, features a slew of gigantic ice and snow sculptures. It was also recently named the largest temporary ice and snow theme park in the world by Guinness World Records.

Crowded with people on the last opening day, both adults and children were immersed in a joyful atmosphere. Right before closing, the saxophone tune of “Going Home” gently echoed in the park, with many tourists lingering around. Children were spotted rushing to the gate of the giant ice slide, anxiously asking, “Do we have time for one more round?”

The sudden closing notice has had many netizens sharing their regrets online, saying that they didn’t have time for a visit. Some netizens also raised questions such as “Why can’t we wait for the ice and snow sculptures to melt by themselves?”

The recent temperature rise and windy weather have worried the park’s management about the safety of tourists. According to videos posted by visitors, some ice sculptures can be scratched and marked by nails. Local residents who are familiar with the matter warned that snow sculptures do not melt inch by inch but rather could suddenly collapse.

The Ice and Snow World is built by thousands of craftsmen every winter in Harbin with care and affection. Despite widespread reluctance linked to the park’s closure, it’s an example of how ice and snow art embodies the beauty of disappearance.