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To Be a Tourist with the Awareness of “Cherishing Food”: WTA Launched Public Commitment Activities to Cherish Food


On September 8, sponsored by 12 international tourism organizations, industry associations, leading enterprises and professional media organizations including CYTS, WTA, China Tourism Academy, China Association of Travel Services, China Enterprise Evaluation Association, Travel Channel of Xinhuanet.com, workercn.cn, Global Travel, Travel Fashion Weekly of bjnews.com.cn, Sina Travel, Travel Channel of ifeng.com, etc., the public commitment activities titled “To Be a Tourist with the Awareness of “Cherishing Food” kicked off in Beijing, calling for the whole society, especially tourism practitioners, tourists and related parties to set up a new fashion of healthy eating, cherish food, eliminate waste, and be an advocate and practitioner of cherishing and saving food during their travel.

In recent years, despite China’s bumper harvests in grain production, we are still faced with prominent food security problems. In the event of the COVID-19 outbreak, global food security is imposed under more potential negative impacts. Recently, President Xi Jinping has given important instructions on stopping food waste, stating that the phenomenon of food waste is shocking and heartbreaking! The concept of cherishing food requires high attention from all sectors of society.

As one of the co-sponsors, Qiu Wenhe, President of China Association of Travel Services and CYTS, said, CYTS, WTA member and a responsible tourism central enterprise listed company, has regarded performing social responsibility and spreading brand goodwill as an important measure to promote sustainable development and enhance core competitiveness of enterprises. In the context of regular pandemic control, food has played an increasingly critical role in tourism development. It is the duty of every corporate citizen to advocate cherishing and saving food. CYTS has worked with many partners to launch public commitment activities. In the future, when signing service agreements with global partners, the provisions on “cherishing food” will be introduced at the same time to guide partners to strictly abide by food and beverages norms, and put an end to food waste from the source. We also cordially invite more institutions and tourists to join this initiative, so that the concept of cherishing food can be deeply rooted in people’s minds, and grain conservation will become a new travel trend.

According to the commitments, 12 institutions will take concrete actions to publicly release the “Three Provisions on Cherishing Food”, namely: Through media reports, pre-departure briefings, product content placement, process explanations, travel summary, etc., comprehensively advocate the concept of saving food and eliminating waste among employees and visitors; the institutions and their subordinate departments provide “appropriate but not excessive” catering services in the event of provision of catering services for travel agencies, scenic spots, hotels, conferences and exhibitions; work together with buyers and suppliers of the tourism industry chain at the upstream and downstream to play a bridging role and optimize dining experience.