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WTA Members Donate Collections to World Tourism Museum


On June 11, the ceremony of Guilin Tang Dynasty Tours Co., Ltd., a World Tourism Alliance (WTA) member, donating collections to World Tourism Museum (WTM) was held in Guilin, Guangxi. Zhou Xiaoguang, General Manager of Guilin Tang Dynasty Tours, donated the company’s Vietnam Tourism Award trophy awarded by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism in 2011 to Wang Kunxin, Deputy Secretary-General of WTA and Director of WTM (Preparatory Office).

Since September 19, 2019 when WTM (Preparatory Office) released the proposal for collection donation to the world at WTA·Xianghu Dialogue, it has received 22 pieces/sets of collections from WTA members, including China Tourism News, Beijing International Studies University, China Tours Hamburg CTH GmbH, Berlin Exhibition Co., Ltd., Guilin Tang Dynasty Tours Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Lizhi Network Technology Co., Ltd., Tuniu.com, China Hospitality Association, Hubei Cultural & Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd., Tongcheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Tourism Investment Group. Co. Ltd. At present, the WTM (Preparatory Office) has sent a written proposal to its members at home and abroad for donation of collections, and the donation is continuing. All collections donated by members will be stored in WTM at Xianghu Lake, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, except those important ones which will be displayed in the WTA Members Hall. WTM will issue donation certificates to all members having donated collections and register and manage each collection.

WTA and WTM (Preparatory Office) would like to express sincere thanks to all WTA members who have made generous donations. With the support of WTA members, WTM will tell the best stories about tourism to the world.