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“WTA • Xianghu Dialogue 2023” Set to Open in Hangzhou


The “WTA • Xianghu Dialogue 2023” is poised to take place from November 14 to 17 in Hangzhou, at the home of the Alliance’s headquarters. The event is backed by a consortium of supporters, including the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the PRC, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the European Travel Commission (ETC), the Global Tourism Economy Forum (GTEF), the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), amongst others.

As the global tourism market witnesses a comprehensive resurgence and dynamic growth showcasing new trends such as individuation, intelligence, and businessintegration, it also grapples with uncertainties such as a slowing world economy, rising anti-globalization sentiments, and geopolitical risks. The upcoming “Xianghu Dialogue”, themed “The Power of Travel and Tourism – Towards a Better Future”, aligns closely with evolving trends and characteristics of world economic and tourism development. The Dialogue will explore a series of pivotal topics, including “Win-Win Cooperation: Tourism Links the World”, “Transformationand Symbiosis: Tourism Boosts Economy”, “Harmony and Sharing: Tourism Advances Sustainable Development “, “Hand in Hand: Tourism Drives Innovative Development”, “Empowerment of Science and Technology: Tourism Promotes Industrial Integration”, and “Breaking theMould & Establishing the New: Tourism Defines the Future”. This Dialogue will consist of multiple sub-forums, including tourism technology and the hospitality industry, and will adopt diverse formats such as keynote speeches, high-level dialogues, industry dialogues, report releases, and case study sharing. It will gather experts from Chinese and international tourism authorities, related international organizations, tourism cities, key tourism enterprises, and OTA platforms, who will share insightful knowledge for the advancement of the tourism industry, sustainable development, and the contribution to global economic growth and human well-being. Significant findings from the collaborative research report by the WTA and the UNWTO, titled “Tourism: A Driver for Shared Prosperity—Key Insights”, will be unveiled, along with the report “2023 WTA BestPractices of Rural Revitalization through Tourism”, produced in collaboration with the International Poverty Reduction Center in China.

The ‘WTA • Xianghu Dialogue’, named after the scenic Xianghu Lake in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, where the Alliance headquarters is located, is an international forum initiated and hosted by the World Tourism Alliance.It aims to create an interconnected and co-governed global tourism platform, positioning tourism as a key proponent of the vision “Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World”. Having been held four times to date, the event has increasingly gained in influence, credibility, and cohesion, establishing itself as a premier international platform for exchange and cooperation in the global tourism industry.

In recent years, the WTA has focused on enhancing the influence of its signature “Dialogue” series within the international tourism community, driving the development of the Alliance’s branding activities. Refining its institutional framework, the WTA has honed its focus on “Dialogue” and “Members’ Day” initiatives, intensifying international exchanges and cooperation. It has been instrumental in compiling and disseminating tourism poverty reduction cases and patterns, fostering an array of industry research findings. Leveraging its unique position as a non-governmental international entity, the WTA serves as an essential bridge facilitating communication and exchange between China and the world, governments and the industry, and among its members. It plays a vital role in sharing China’s narratives and fostering a global community with a shared future.

The second meeting of the Second Council of the WTA and the 2023 WTA Annual Conference will be held in the same period.

Founded in September 2017, the World Tourism Alliance is a comprehensive, non-governmental, non-profit international tourism organization initiated in China. It has grown to encompass 236 members from 41 countries and regions, reflecting the diversity and the breadth of the industry. Guided by the vision of “Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World,” the WTA has established a robust international platform for exchange and cooperation, leading initiatives that promote dialogue, strengthen industry ties, deepen partnerships, and foster consensus. The WTA has created a series of “Dialogue” activities, including “Xianghu Dialogue”, “Silk Road Dialogue”, “Dialogue for China-Spain Tourism Cooperation”, “Urban Tourism Dialogue”, “Yellow River Dialogue,” and “Beidahu Dialogue”, as well as membership activities like “Member’s Day” and “Reception Event.” Furthermore, WTA has organized significant international tourism activities including the World Tourism Investment Conference and the SCO Tourism Cooperation Symposium. In its commitment to sustainable and inclusive growth within the global tourism industry, the WTA has released over 20 research outcomes including Report on World Tourism Development, Report on World Tourism Innovation Development, and Report on Development of Tourism Cooperation along Belt and Road. WTA has also compiled and disseminated 250 case studies showcasing the positive impact of tourism on poverty reduction and rural revitalization, underlining its pivotal role to make a positive contribution to the sustainable and inclusive development of the global tourism industry.