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WTA Hosts Industry Research Symposium


On February 24th, the World Tourism Alliance (WTA) hosted a pivotal symposium at its Xianghu, Hangzhou headquarters to gather insights on the latest trends and dynamics in the tourism industry and market. This also served as a preparatory meeting for the upcoming release of the ‘China Domestic Tourism Market Sentiment Report’ for the first half of the year. Distinguished leaders of hospitality associations and management groups from Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu attended.

The attendees visited the headquarters of the World Tourism Alliance.The attendees visited the headquarters of the World Tourism Alliance.

Mr. LIU Shijun, WTA Vice Chair and Secretary-General, welcomed the attendees, highlighting the WTA’s accomplishments in headquarters management, brand growth, membership development, tourism poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, and industry research since its founding. He emphasized the crucial role of the hospitality industry, one of the three pillars of the tourism sector, as an essential part of the tourism service system. Mr. LIU expressed the WTA’s commitment to continued cooperation with hospitality associations and institutions in brand building, market research, and information sharing to promote high-quality development of the tourism industry in the new era.

The attendees

Participants analyzed the Golden Week tourism during the Spring Festival of 2023 and 2024, analyzing post-pandemic market challenges and opportunities. The discussion focused on adapting to market changes, improving service models and levels, preparing talent, and achieving sustainable development. Attendees agreed that in response to evolving consumer markets, the hospitality industry must seek innovation and actively enhance its development in sustainability, digitalization, and branding. Catering to diverse customer segments, including Generation Z and Silver Generation, is crucial to meeting the varied, differentiated, and personalized demands. Participants expressed anticipation for further collaboration with the WTA to utilize its platform for enhancing the industry’s quality and global presence.