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WTA Members’ Day • Hainan 2024 Celebrates Global Tourism Insights and Innovations


2024世界旅游联盟·海南会员日WTA Members’ Day • Hainan 2024

From March 5th to 7th, the “WTA Members’ Day • Hainan 2024,” themed “New Insights into Leisure Travel and Expenditure in 2024,” was successfully held in Sanya. This premier event, orchestrated by the World Tourism Alliance and hosted by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan Province, with Airbnb as the supporting organization, witnessed the convergence of 70 distinguished guests. Participants included Mr. LIU Shijun, WTA Vice Chair and Secretary-General, Deputy Director LIU Cheng of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan Province, along with representatives from domestic cultural and tourism departments of the provincial level, and WTA members.

世界旅游联盟副主席兼秘书长刘士军LIU Shijun, WTA Vice Chair and Secretary-General

In a heartwarming welcome to the attendees on the morning of March 6th, Mr. LIU Shijun shared his insights on the new trends in leisure travel and expenditure, in line with current hot topics in tourism. He highlighted the vast growth potential within the tourism sector, stressing the need for destinations to adapt to new industry trends and consumer fashions, expand effective supply in response to the public’s new expectations and demands, and to masterfully tell stories and choose content that best communicates tourism’s appeal to consumers. Mr. LIU Shijun emphasized the WTA’s role as an international platform promoting communication, understanding, and trust through tourism, expressing confidence in the organization’s strength to contribute to the global tourism community’s response to contemporary challenges. He encouraged all members to actively engage in facing these challenges and transformations to foster the development of global tourism.

海南省旅游和文化广电体育厅副厅长刘成LIU Cheng, Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan Province

On the evening of March 5th, the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan Province held a Hainan Tourism & Culture Promotion Conference. Deputy Director LIU Cheng shared how the WTA’s mission aligns perfectly with Hainan’s tourism strategy. He presented the progress of the Hainan Free Trade Port building and highlighted key initiatives for the high-quality development of Hainan’s tourism industry over the next three years, elaborating on the policies of the Hainan Free Trade Port and cultural and tourism projects in Hainan.

爱彼迎中国增长负责人贺昌华HE Changhua, Airbnb China’s Head of Growth

During the Members’ Day activities on March 6th, Airbnb China’s Head of Growth shared insights into the trend among younger consumers in tourism and Airbnb’s initiatives to meet this demand. He discussed how Generation Z’s desire for freedom and exploration is shaping future tourism, driving Airbnb to offer unique and non-standardized accommodation experiences, such as Barbie-themed stays, to cater to young travelers’ desires for personalized experiences and deep cultural immersion.

哈尔滨市文化广电和旅游局刘雪林LIU Xuelin from the Harbin Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau

Mr. LIU Xuelin from the Harbin Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau shared insights on Transforming ‘Internet-Famous’ Destinations into ‘Perennially Popular’ Ones, focusing on the stories behind Harbin’s ability to offer tourists experiential feelings and emotional value. He mentioned that the tourism market of “Erbin” (a nickname for Harbin) boomed in 2023, thanks to its unique ice and snow resources and innovative marketing strategies. Among these strategies, the internet-savvy promotional video “My Surname is Ha” and Harbin’s city-wide “customer pampering” model, through the integration of culture and tourism and service enhancements, have successfully helped Harbin become a globally renowned ice and snow tourism hotspot.

上海锦江国际旅游股份有限公司副董事长周东晓ZHOU Dongxiao, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Jinjiang International Travel Co., Ltd.

Mr. ZHOU Dongxiao, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Jinjiang International Travel Co., Ltd., shared the company’s success in launching the “Blossoms Shanghai” theme product, drawing on the backdrop of Shanghai in the 1990s. He emphasized that content innovation and IP extension are key to attracting younger audiences. The popularity of “Blossoms Shanghai” not only revitalized Jinjiang’s century-old classic hotels but also managed to integrate modernity, innovation, and fashion while preserving the essence of Chinese cultural traditions.


During the panel, in-depth discussions on “New Approaches to Green Tourism” were deeply engaged by ZHANG Wenting, Director of Species and Marine Programs at WildAid (USA) Beijing Representative Office, Mr. WANG Kan, a researcher from the Tourism Research Center at Capital University of Economics and Business, and LIU Tuo, General Manager of Business Development at Mastercard Asia/Pacific Pte. Ltd., among others. ZHANG Wenting shared the experiences of charity ambassador Mr. MA Weidu’s trip to Africa, illustrating the beauty of regional cultures and nature through eco-friendly tourism, and advocating for the protection of endangered wildlife. She also highlighted a visit to the Isla de la Plata in Ecuador, a WildAid marine project site known for its rich biodiversity and attracting tourists worldwide to observe the blue-footed booby among other activities. Well-managed eco-tourism not only generates significant revenue for local economies but also promotes environmental protection, making green tourism a viable industry type. Mr. WANG Kan emphasized the critical role of sustainable tourism in protecting communities, culture, and promoting economic prosperity, along with the importance of balancing interests among all stakeholders. Mr. LIU Tuo shared experiences and case studies of Mastercard’s collaboration with public sectors to promote sustainable tourism, including efforts in cooperation with local governments to enhance payment convenience for incoming tourists. This roundtable forum highlighted the significant role of governments, businesses, and the public in advancing green tourism, offering examples and concrete strategies for its practice.

In the afternoon of March 6th, to bring the guests closer to Hainan’s quality tourism and cultural resources and products, they are invited to visit Zhengmenling in Wanning to experience the cliff-side scenery of the island’s ring road and admire the “Left Mountain & Right Sea” landscapes. The visit to Shimei Bay included a tour of the M1 Coffee Fantasy Factory, where participants learned about the origins of Hainan’s coffee culture and experienced hand-brewing techniques, witnessing the innovative development model of Hainan’s coffee industry. A trip to Sun and Moon Bay’s surfing town allowed guests to appreciate the integration of eco-tourism and tourism equipment experiences.

爱彼迎“欢迎回家”会员之夜“WELCOME HOME” Members’ Night Hosted by Airbnb

On the evening of March 6th, Airbnb hosted the “WELCOME HOME” Members’ Night, fostering friendly exchanges in a relaxed and active atmosphere.

The “WTA MEMBERS’ DAY • Hainan 2024” aimed to focus on new dynamics in tourism consumption during the recovery phase, promoting global tourism connectivity, shared governance, and fostering open cooperation and sustainable development in the tourism industry. The World Tourism Alliance will continue to focus on sustainable tourism and leisure destination development, targeting diverse tourism scenarios and individual consumption needs, and exploring new dynamics in tourism consumption amidst economic recovery.