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WTA member day issue 2 of 2019 , HBCT , Enshi, China


Theme:WTA member day issue 2 of 2019 , HBCT , Enshi, China

Date:May 7-8, 2019

Venue:Enshi, China



On May 8, the Second Member’s Day event of the World Tourism Alliance (WTA) 2019 was successfully held in Enshi Grand Canyon, Hubei Province. The theme of this Members’ Day is “Developing Original Ecological Resources–Multiple Empowerment and Win-win”. Xu Yong, Deputy Director of Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Liu Shijun, Secretary-General of the WTA, and Liu Jungang, Chairman of Hubei Culture and Tourism Investment Group attended the event and delivered speeches. More than 80 representatives from 26 member organizations also participated in the activity, including China Association of Travel Services, Guangdong Provincial Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd., InterContinental Hotels Group, Chengdu Culture, Radio and TV, Press and Publication Bureau and Shanxi Cultural Tourism Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. The event was organized by the WTA and co-organized by its member unit, Hubei Culture and Tourism Investment Group. Zhang Yuan, Director of the WTA’s General Business Department, hosted the event.

On behalf of the WTA and its Chairman DuanQiang, Liu Shijun expressed his gratitude to Hubei Culture and Tourism Investment Group. He introduced the major activities organized by the WTA since its establishment, and put forward his views on poverty alleviation through tourism. He pointed out that the WTA kept in mind its vision of promoting tourism for peace, development and poverty reduction. The WTA Poverty Reduction Cases is a series of practical poverty reduction cases collected by the WTA in the hope of bringing valuable solutions to more poverty-stricken areas through the promotion of these poverty reduction cases. He noted that poverty alleviation through tourism should adjust itself to local conditions, explore local characteristics, and develop targeted plans for poverty alleviation through tourism in combination with local development status. He mentioned that as one of the member services, the WTA Member’s Day would be held regularly and irregularly starting from this year. The WTA will carefully select the theme for each activity, and strive to ensure that topics that members are interested in are addressed, useful experience is shared and sparks of ideas are exchanged.

Xu Yong, on behalf of the Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, conveyed his appreciation to the WTA for its support for cultural tourism in Hubei. He stated that Hubei had a profound cultural heritage, and with tourism as the carrier of culture, the development of tourism was a shared goal for all. He ensured that the Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism would uphold the vision of the WTA of”Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World” and would always cultivate tourism as a strategic pillar industry. The Department will try to achieve the mission to promote tourism for peace, development and poverty reduction, make greater efforts to promote opportunity sharing, mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win outcomes, and enhance deeper exchanges and cooperation between Hubei and the global tourism industry.

Liu Jungang said that the WTA Member’s Day was an important event in the development of Hubei Tourism and Hubei Culture and Tourism Investment Group. Since becoming a member of the WTA, Hubei Culture and Tourism Investment Group, under the care and guidance of the WTA, has strengthened its communication with the global cultural tourism industry, further amplified the effect of poverty alleviation in the tourism industry. The poverty alleviation experience of Enshi Grand Canyon Resort has been selected as one of the ten poverty reduction cases of the WTA. The practices of poverty alleviation through tourism industry of Hubei Culture and Tourism Investment Group won the Organizational Innovation Award of 2018 National Poverty Alleviation Award. He hoped that Hubei Culture and Tourism Investment Group could take advantage of the open development of the WTA, actively strengthen exchanges and cooperation of international tourism, and turn Hubei’s extensive and profound Jingchu culture and rich and abundant mountains, rivers and lakes into cultural tourism products that are visible, well-known and engaging, so that the world could get to know Hubei and vise versa.

During the activity, Zhou Yongbiao, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman ofEnshiTourism Group, took EnshiGrand Canyon as an example and introduced to the member representatives the experience, practices and outcomes of the development of original ecological tourism destination in Enshifrom the perspective of “Multi-dimensional Empowerment and Win-win”. Wang Kai, Vice President of LY.com, delivered a presentation with a core theme of tourism+, and proposed”Integrated Empowerment: Non-platform Integration and Non-creative Marketing”; Li Guoliang, Manager of the Brand Promotion Department of China Railway Travel Service, shared the close relationship between railway and tourism, hoping to empower local tourism with special trains.

It is reported that this activity is the first Member’s Day organized by the WTA in China. The purpose of this activity is to provide a more diversified and in-depth exchange platform for member organizations. It is understood that each Member’s Day event will be hosted by a member unit and organized under the guidance of the WTA, selecting the targeted themes so that members can share experience and learn from each other. Earlier, the first Member’s Day was held in Provence, France, in April with the theme of “Localization Strategy–Entering the Global Market”.