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Luoyang Donates Collections to the World Tourism Museum


On the morning of May 21, a ceremony of Luoyang donating collections to the World Tourism Museum was held in Luoyang. The ceremony was attended by Wang Kunxin, Deputy Secretary-General of the World Tourism Alliance (WTA) and head of the World Tourism Museum, Hu Dapeng, Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Director of Luoyang Cultural Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, Lu Yi, a Level II Division Rank Official, and heads of 8 donors in the industry.

First of all, Hu Dapeng introduced to the participants the development of cultural tourism in Luoyang. He said that Luoyang is constantly practicing the integration of culture and tourism. The World Tourism Museum, led by WTA, is an important project of cultural tourism integration, so Luoyang hopes to try its best to provide support. He stressed that after the first donation, Luoyang will continue to collect from the industry to bring more appropriate objects representing Luoyang’s history and culture to the World Tourism Museum.

At the ceremony, Wang Kunxin expressed sincere thanks to Luoyang Municipal Government on behalf of WTA.

He introduced the construction progress of WTA headquarters and the World Tourism Museum, as well as the collection of museum collections. He said that Luoyang’s donation has played a positive role. On the one hand, the ancient capital Luoyang has rich historical and cultural resources and is a beautiful window for Chinese tourism to the world. The World Tourism Museum can display the value of donations as much as possible, so as to promote the tourism calling card of Luoyang to more people. On the other hand, as a new member of WTA, Luoyang has made positive contributions to the growth of WTA and is an indispensable participant and witness.

Later, Lu Yi showed the donations and gave a detailed introduction. Wang Kunxin and Hu Dapeng, as the representatives, handed over the donated collections and donation certificates.

The collection of the World Tourism Museum is being carried out in an orderly way. In this donation, with the active cooperation and support of 8 organizations from the cultural tourism industry of Luoyang, a total of 10 pieces (sets) of donations were obtained, including the replica of the bronze Jue with the nipple pattern, the Peony Fair badge series from 1983 to 1992, China’s first batch of tour guide qualification certificates and tourist certificates, containing Luoyang’s characteristic cultural tourism elements, such as the source of China, the starting point of the Silk Road, and the Peony Flower City.