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World Tourism Alliance • Urban Tourism Dialogue 2023 Set to Commence


Cities,viewed as the cradle of civilization, are hubs of cultural heritage, lifestyle, and values, radiating hope and inspiration. To many, particularly the younger generation, cities not only serve as landmarks of work and life but also as sanctuaries that offer hope and enlightenment.

Urban tourism captures the essence of sentiment, allowing tourists to emotionally bind with cities and experience transformational journeys. However, it is essential to recognize that cities cannot merely be copycats, as each city possesses its unique structure, style, and culture. Here questions arise – How should cities innovate? Can the nighttime economy be the next significant growth engine for urban regions? What impact do large-scale events have on a city’s brand? What can we learn from internationally renowned tourism cities? The upcoming World Tourism Alliance • Urban Tourism Dialogue 2023 seeks to address these questions.

The World Tourism Alliance (WTA), in collaboration with the Henan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the People’s Government of Zhengzhou, is co-hosting the World Tourism Alliance • Urban Tourism Dialogue on September 4th at”Unique Henan: Land of Dramas” theater complex in Zhengzhou. This dialogue, an integral component of the International Mayor’s Forum on Tourism—Zhengzhou, China 2023, will center on the theme of “Creative Development and Branding of Tourism Cities”. It will feature discussions from government officials, domestic and international scholars, representatives from WTA member organizations, and distinguished corporate guests, all aiming to bring forth innovative ideas for the growth of urban tourism destinations.

The Urban Tourism Dialogue,as a significant event in the WTA’s ‘Dialogue’ series, is designed to provide a platform for cities worldwide to exchange development experiences and foster international collaborations. This dialogue is committed to bolstering the sustainable development of global urban tourism, working collectively towards building the ‘City of Dreams.’