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Theme:WTA· Silk Road Dialogue

Date:April 26-27, 2023

Venue:Gansu, China


In 2023, which marks the 10th anniversary of the proposal of joint development of the Belt and Road lnitiative, in order to promote the new development of the tourism industry and the deepening of cultural exchanges, the “World Tourism Alliance·Silk Road Dialogue”, rooted in history and facing the future, aims for deepening the”hear-to-heart”Communication among people from all over the world on the theme of the new journey of the Belt and Road and “heart-to-heart communication” through sharing and win-win cooperation.

The Silk Road Dialogue will focus on international cooperation, technological innovation, talent development, rural revitalization, culture and tourism integration, and much more. Distinguished  representatives from various sectors will also share their experience and discuss how to make the Belt and Road into a road of cooperation, health, recovery and growth, and contribute to promoting harmonious development of the world and building a community of shared future for humanity.

2023  World Tourism Alliance • Silk Road Dialogue

Theme: Envision and Create a Better Future through the Silk Road Dialogue

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