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World Tourism Alliance Xianghu Dialogue | Speech by: Ahmed Eiweida, Ph.D, World Bank Global Leader for Cultural Heritage & Sustainable Tourism


It is a great pleasure for me and the World Bank Group to address the WTA Xianghu Dialogue 2018 and jointly launch selected cases. We praise this conference, which puts a focus on poverty reduction and sustainable tourism.?As we heard today, sustainable tourism is important for development and poverty alleviation. The Dialogue is to share knowledge and experience.

WTA and the China Academy Release the Report on Global Tourism for Poverty Reduction at the Xianghu Dialogue


The World Tourism Alliance (WTA) and the China Tourism Academy (CTA) jointly released a report titled Tourism for Poverty Reduction: Global Process and Call of the Times at this one-day forum.

Sharing cases and international cooperation help global poverty alleviation


With the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the international poverty reduction cause has ushered in a new era when poverty reduction knowledge cooperation and sharing has become an increasingly important area, as well as the most robust and promising area of international cooperation.

Poverty alleviation, development and peace through tourism


As the importance and impact of the tourism industry on the global economy and socio-economic progress increases, its role has moved to the center stage in the fight against poverty.

Yuan Jiajun Meets with Guests Attending WTA·Xianghu Dialogue


On September 8, Yuan Jiajun met with Li Jinzao, Jayson Westbury and other domestic and foreign guests attending the WTA · Xianghu Dialogue in Hangzhou.