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WTA Attends the SCO Forum on Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development


On May 29, the SCO Forum on Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development with the theme of “Exchanges, Mutual Learning and Win-win Cooperation – Promoting Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Rural Development in SCO Countries” opened in the Yangling Agricultural High-Tech Industry Demonstration Zone in Shaanxi Province.

"WTA Members' Day • Lijiang" Hosted, Themed on Cultural and Rural Tourism Development


Lijiang, Yunnan Province – The World Tourism Alliance (WTA) held its "WTA Members' Day • Lijiang" on May 25th. The event was organized by WTA, co-hosted by the Lijiang Municipal People's Government and Beijing Qiongyou Tianxia Technology Co., Ltd., and implemented by the Lijiang Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Roca Cultural Tourism. Distinguished attendees including Liu Shijun, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the WTA, Bai Sizuo, Deputy Inspector of the Department of Resource Development of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Pu Hong, Secretary of the Lijiang Municipal Party Committee, Rao Xiangbi, Party Group Member and Deputy Director of the Yunnan Provincial Culture and Tourism Department gave speeches to the audience, other guests include Henri Giscard d'Estaing and Xu Peng, Vice Chair of WTA, and other representatives from the WTA, domestic cultural and tourism administrations, enterprises, associations, as well as news and media outlets.

World Tourism Alliance (WTA) Mobilizes for "WTA•Dialogue for China-Spain Tourism Cooperation"


To drive the global tourism recovery and further deepen the collaboration between China and Spain in tourism, the World Tourism Alliance (WTA) is partnering with the Spanish Tourism Authority (TURESPAÑA) to host the "World Tourism Alliance • China-Spain Tourism Dialogue" in Madrid on July 3, 2023, under the aegis of the 2023 China-Spain Culture and Tourism Year. In preparation for this event, a delegation led by Liu Shijun, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the WTA, recently visited Madrid for a working meeting with TURESPAÑA, the Chinese Embassy in Spain, Turisme de Barcelona, and other stakeholders to discuss progress on event planning.

WTA Attends the 61st APEC Tourism Working Group Meeting


On April 26-27, 2023 local time, at the invitation of the APEC Secretariat, Liu Shijun, Vice Chair and Secretary-General of the World Tourism Alliance (WTA), led a delegation to the 61st APEC Tourism Working Group (TWG) meeting held in Iloilo, Philippines.